The Anchor Boys is the youngest section in the BB and is for children aged between 5 and 8 (Primary 1 to 3, but Boys must be aged minimum of 5 years)

What do they do?

Anchor Boys is about having fun, participating in various activities which include making things, music, sports, bible stories, days out, making friends and working towards their badges.

Anchor Boys Programme

The Boys follow a programme of activities that allow them to develop as young people and provides a framework for attaining their badges. The programme is divided into 5 zones:

Body "Fit for Fun"
Community "Me and the World"
Creativity "Make and Do"
Mind "Think and Do"
Spirit "God and Me"

A Typical Friday Night

To keep the Boys engaged we split the evening into small chunks and keep our evenings varied, the below summarizes some of the activities the Boys participate in on a Friday:

Catch Up (Boys will share any news they have since we last met)
Warm Up (Various games such as tig and tag, port starboard, dodgeball..)
Team Races
Circle Games (Duck Duck Goose, Head Catch..)
Parachute Games
Song/Dance (The Boys learn a routine which they perform at our annual open night)
Crafts (Making greeting cards, painting, pancake making, word searches...)


Along with activities on a Friday night we also organise events for the Boys as well as themed nights, theses include visits to a fire station, treasure trails, coffee mornings, Christmas party, supporting other charities, theatre trips, Celebrate Aberdeen parade and more. See our section on the 2012/2013 session for further information.